How to navigate each section:

  • to view a picture single click on a thumbnail; the picture will then 'zoom up' to be seen in full
  • to exit viewing a picture click on the 'x' in the description area at the bottom of a picture


All pictures (New Works excepted) not marked NFS (Not For Sale) or SOLD are available for purchase.

If a picture interests you please contact me via the 'Contact' page (last menu item on the left) and I will give you a price. Pictures are unframed. If shipping is required, please state the destination and the quote will include the shipping fees. Pictures are non-returnable, and the shipping quote will include insurance costs.

Proceeds from all sales go to the The Beacon Hardship Fund.


An artist when working should never be conscious of rules. While at work he must unhesitatingly follow his feelings and be moved solely by inspiration.”

Max Doerner